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I have written some articles that should be useful to authors. They are also available as a podcast, generated using Amazon Polly. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, or by email.

The articles are listed below. They are also available as an RSS feed for your favourite RSS reader. Alternatively, you can use Blogtrottr to get updates by email.

Article List

Introduction to Book Marketing Growing moneyIf you want to sell books, you will need to market them. This post will give you a head start on book marketing. It is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, but just an introduction. For self-publishers, book marketing is a long-term activity. Your book will be available at online retailers for ever, unless you decide to take it off sale. You don’t need to make a big splash at launch. Have a Good Product Before you ... Read more

Setting up HTTPS and SSL on WordPress There are several good reasons to set up HTTPS and SSL on your website. It gives your site a small SEO boost. You may need it for GDPR compliance, because the GDPR introduces a requirement to handle personal data securely. If you have an email sign-up form, this should use HTTPS, as GDPR considers emails to be personal data, and HTTP is not secure. From July this year, the Chrome web browser will start labelling all ... Read more

Large Print Editions Large print bannerAt the time of writing, I’ve released large print editions of three of my books. It’s not necessarily something that I would recommend to other indie authors, unless you have reason to believe that there is a market for a large print version. In that case, this post should help you create something that is genuinely useful for those people that struggle to read standard print. Font and Font Size Obviously, large print books need a larger ... Read more

Editing: Use Regular Expressions to Find Common Errors LibreOffice find/replace dialogueI have a great editor, but I understand that she is human, and therefore she makes mistakes, and misses things, just like I do. Therefore, I like to try and make my manuscript as good as I can before I hand it over to her. The trouble with editing your own work is that all too often, your brain sees what is supposed to be there, not what is actually there. One tool I use for ... Read more

Backup Your Manuscripts And Marketing Files BackupSome time ago, I read a news story about an author who ran into a burning house to┬ásave his laptop. Luckily, the author survived and rescued the novels stored on his laptop. If he’d had a backup, he wouldn’t have had to risk his life to save his work. Backups will also save you from burglary, computer failure, and simple human error like mistakenly deleting files or chapters. What is a Backup? At its simplest, a backup ... Read more