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Ebook and Print Formatting

Formatting ensures your book looks professional and is straightforward to read. Whether you are preparing to publish an ebook or a print book, I can help make sure the layout of your pages is consistent and clear.


Many ebook vendors and distributors will use ePubCheck to ensure your book meets their technical specifications and will read and perform well. My ebook formatting service will make sure your manuscript passes these checks and is free from errors so it will display properly on a range of devices.

You will be sent an ePub file which will pass ePubCheck with no problems and will be ready to upload to the vendor or distributor of your choice. I will also provide you with a .mobi file for no extra charge.

I charge £25/$35 for up to 50,000 words, £40/$55 for up to 100,000 words and £75/$99 for up to 250,000 words. If your book is longer than 250,000 words, I will charge a total fee of £100/$135. My prices include up to one image per 10,000 words. Any extra images will be charged at £5/$7 per 10 additional images.

I can also combine multiple ebooks into a single box set or bundle. The cost of this will be calculated by the total wordcount.

If you already have an ePub file which has failed to pass EpubCheck, I can correct it for you for £20/$25. I will make sure your ePub is valid so it will be accepted by vendors and distributors.

Print books

I can format both standard and large print books so they look professional. For this service, I charge £45/$60 for up to 50,000 words, £75/$99 for up to 100,000 words, £125/$170 for up to 250,000 words, and £150/$200 for larger books. If you order both large print and standard print versions of a single book, I will format the large print edition for half the usual price.

These prices include up to one image per 10,000 words. Extra images are charged at £5/$7 per 10 images.

Contact me now to get started.