Text to Speech

Are you looking to turn your writing into an audiobook?

Or do you have blog posts on your website which would work well as podcasts?

Creating a recording of your book or articles can be a tedious and challenging task. Amazon Polly uses advanced technology to turn your text into realistic and lifelike speech which is easy to listen to and understand. The results can be impressive but those who are new to Amazon Polly can find it difficult to use.

Save yourself time and effort by asking me to create your audiobook for you. I will take your text and turn it into a high quality recording using Amazon Polly. You will be provided with a set of mp3 files –one for each chapter – to use as you choose.

Choose the right voice for your story

You can choose which voice you want to read your text and there are a number of different language options. See the full list here.

Listen to some samples, all reading the short science fiction story, I’ve Written a Little Code, by Andrew Knighton, to see which you prefer.

Click on the name to hear the story in that voice.

Unfortunately, audiobook vendors won’t currently accept computer-generated audio, but there are plenty of other things you can do with your files. You could sell your audiobook directly to customers, use the mp3 files for marketing purposes or even turn your book into a podcast. I can also add a customised call to action to the start or end of each recording.


I charge £20/$25 to convert a single blog post or article of up to 15,000 words. For books, I charge £49/$65 for up to 100,000 words, £75/$100 for up to 250,000 words and £99/$135 for over 250,000 words. Contact me now to get started.

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