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Authors need to link to their books so that users can buy them. Some online stores have a site for each country that they operate in. It’s not practical to list the link for each country, but users often have to use their own country’s site. Users in the UK, for example, have to buy from amazon.co.uk, not amazon.com.

This WordPress plugin automatically edits links so that they point to the user’s local store. The links are tidied up, to make them simpler and avoid tracking. Simply add links to your site as usual, and they will be rewritten on the fly to send your visitors to their local store.

Currently Supported Stores:

  • Amazon
  • Apple Books
  • Apple iTunes (audiobooks)

The following stores will be added in a later release:

  • Alibris
  • Kobo

Support for Amazon affiliate codes is also planned.

The plugin is available from the WordPress plugin directory, or you can search for “Local Links Russell Phillips” in the WordPress plugins screen.